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The Roman cuisine that we offer at"Mazzè" on via Rasella 34, in Rome, is revisited in a modern way to offer both grilled meat and first courses, tender fillets and succulent meatballs ... in an elegant, yet intimate familiar setting.
The restaurant even has outdoor seating, ideal in the more temperate season.

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Phone: +39 06 42011130
Address: Via Rasella, 34 - 00187 Roma

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Typical Roman Cuisine

“Mazzè” is a restaurant offering typical Roman cuisine that resides in one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas of the capital. Eating here means discovering the taste of real Roman dishes, prepared only with selected seasonal ingredients, and with the skill of expert cooks in excellent gastronomy.

The recipes are traditional, revisited in a modern way to always offer that particular authentic taste of the Roman “table”, albeit reworked by culinary innovations. The typical Roman cuisine is characterized by intense flavors, full-bodied, simple but genuine, and mostly of rural tradition. Our dishes reproduce historical dishes, from appetizers to first and second courses of Italian meats, exceptional side dishes with seasonal vegetables … and wines from the best regional, Italian and foreign cellars.

Traditional Roman Plates

Our menus offer typical Roman cuisine. The peculiarity of this gastronomy, both simple and rich, has made it a protagonist in popular culture as well as among the elite. In any case, Roman specialties are always desirable by connoisseurs of good and genuine food. From our menu you can choose traditional dishes, in a revisited form, among which:
  • porcini mushrooms
  • truffle based dishes
  • artichokes alla romana
  • pasta alla gricia
  • pasta all’Amatriciana
  • rigatoni alla Carbonara
  • tonnarelli ‘Cacio e Pepe’
  • grilled meat
  • beef fillet
  • meatballs.
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